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To late to SCROG?!


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I have a good size girl from a mystery pack that I started back in June outside. Needless to say my plant was getting a big bigger than the wife liked in the yard so I brought her inside to flower. Im two weeks into flower and have been half ass about getting my cabinet ready. I had to reconfigure the veg chamber and am a day or two from finishing up repairs.
My question is is it too late to SCROG this girl? Ive done a bit of lollipopping but am by far not an expert yet. I want either trim this girl down to get the energy focused on a few good colas, or push her under the screen to even the canopy out.

Here are my conditions.

1 single plant
grow chamber is 24x35x46 under 150w HPS
Temps range from 77 to 81 on avg dark to lit. Highest temps are 84. Humidity is staying around 50-55%
Nutes are Fox Farms in a ratio of 3:2:1 bloom, micro, veg
Growing medium is coco (love this shit!) and ph is steady between 6.7 - 7.0 on average.
She is drinking a gallon and a half everyone two or three days and I just moved her from a 3gal pot to a 5gal

Thanks in advance!



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SCROG is a form of LST go for it. Just keep your trimming to a minimum now that you are into your flowering. Looks like getting that girl on a net will help hold some weight. Hope the mystery flower treats you well. Also keep the SCROG to low stress don't be doing any Super Cropping or anything extreme, use your lines to support the bud weight. It looks like you have a pretty even canopy so far.


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not sure if I would worry about the scrog just yet,you may want to get the ph into coco range,just so you can avoid the deficiencies that
will be coming your way.
are you adding any ca/mg??
my local coco growers keep the ph--5.2-6.2


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So here she is at the end of week 5 flower. Tied her down but believe maybe not enough light to avoid popcorn buds. Ive been trim ming a little but am thinking of cutting about of 3rd of her down to focus the energy into the other 2/3rd for the last half of flower. She gets a reg dose of Fox Farm nutes every few days. Any recommendations? Thanks!


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Get a cheap jewelers scope and check out the tricks if they look like rain drops and are milky/amber...you can chop that bit!
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