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To press or not to press? That is the question


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One of the tutorials recommends pressing your buds into nuggets. What is the advantage of this step, and do you think smokers will like pressed nugs? Do you strive to make your nuggets about the same weight/size, and how much should each nugget weigh for smokers' convenience?

My plants have 2" colas and a lot of popcorn buds. I expect to harvest my first buds in a couple weeks.

Strain: Purple Mazar, 60 days into flower. Watered only with brown-sugar water, no other nutes, no pests, no discoloration. Grown under common CFLs (14w & 23w)


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do you mean to press after you harvest and cure?? never heard of this, but there is a "back building" technique I read about that makes the buds more dense. Basically you just trim the top piece of the bud off. There is a thread here for it somewhere. Also I find it is more convenient to be in a joint than in bud form. Just kidding, but for size and weight it doesn't really matter unless there is a huge stem in the middle, then people might complain.
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