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To Top or Not to Top...that is my question


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Hey yall, new member/ first timer here. I built this cab and started my first grow a while back and am starting the 12/12 cycle. Problem is that Im thinking I might have not originally topped soon enough and if I dont do it now my plants may stretch too much. Im thinking of taking the top 25% or so off the taller plant and pushing these babies into a SCROG. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Strain - Nirvana - 1 WW and 1 unknown
Light - 150w HPS
Temps - avg 82-84
Humidity - avg 40-50%
Time - week 1 of 12/12 (week 6.5 overall) from seed

CO Finest

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How long have they been in 12/12? if a week then re veg and top and tie them down . If I was you just tie them down. It is very low stress and you will not have problem


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As CO Finest said... LST, LST, LST by bending the main stem to the edge of your pot, then tying it down (cord and tape come in handy). You can do it indefinitely.


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Ok. So before I do that I might as well figure this out. Im a noob but Im pretty sure this is a male? Can either of you confirm before I chop it down. Sad thing is that its my WW, the other is a mystery seed. Only one WW left to germ...hoping for the best.




This is the mystery girl...


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So the WW ended up being male. Nirvana was cool and gave me enough credit to keep me coming back. Now that my mystery seed is in full flower (week 3 just ended). I need to figure out if I need to keep pushing her down or let her stand proud? My next batch wont be under HPS for veg going forward for sure; too much stretch. What do you boys and girls think?

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