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To Vape, or not to Vape


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A couple months ago I picked up a nice Arizer-Q. It works quite well and I enjoy using it regularly. I have found however that like a lot of things intoxicating, cannabis vapour is a little different. Like beer vs Scotch.

I am wondering if running the Arizer at different temperatures will vapourize different cannabinoids? Usually it is set to 190c, and I am finding that there is a strong sedating effect of vaping as compared to smoking the same buds.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


190C is great, but i would start out around 350F/176C and work your way up to 400F/204C as the session gets longer to release the array of therapeutic the compounds.

I use the following temps in my mighty and cfx:
360F - 400F
182C - 204C

The point THC is released starts at 314F/156C

Check out this temp chart I made for the different cannabinoids, terps and flavinoids.

Pax and Arizer vapes are not medical grade, so the digital temps are not as accurate and may swing up and down a few degrees more than the top of the line models such as the Storz and Bickel Mighty, Volcano Digital. FYI: I have had similar performance results to the Mighty with the Boundless CFX for half the price. The craftsmanship is pretty bad on the CFX; but, planetofthevapes offers a free warranty exchange and i had no problem returning it multiple times.


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Wow, thank you Cantibliss. That was a very informative fractional chart. Maybe I should stay below the CBD vapour temperature. I've heard it is responsible for the sedating effect and your chart confirms that too.

:D it's so easy to get smacked silly using a vapourizer machine. LOL


Wow, thank you Cantibliss. That was a very informative fractional chart. Maybe I should stay below the CBD vapour temperature. I've heard it is responsible for the sedating effect and your chart confirms that too.
You're welcome.

You can filter the side-effects and select remedies by clicking the button at the top with the same name.
For example, i selected "Sedative".
It came back with the following results and sedation starts around 365F/185C.
I usually just smoke sativas during the day.
I start around 360F and slowing increase the temp 10-20 degrees at every 2-3 minutes, and then crank the temp all the way when i want to cash out the chamber.
Sativas may have less of a sedative effect probably due to the lack of amount of sedative compounds.
Every strain is going to have different amounts of compounds.

°F°CElementTherapeutic Properties%
Cannabinol (CBN)Oxidation, Sedative, Antibiotic
LinaloolSedative, Antidepressant, Anxiolytic, Immune potentiator
-terpineolSedative, Antibiotic, AChE inhibitor, Antioxidant, Antimalarial
PulegoneMemory booster, AChE inhibitor, Sedative, Antipyretic
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Well that worked really well. For the last couple days I set the Arizer temp to 177c. That produced the desired THC effect with none of the sedating.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not looking for medicinal effects. I like your idea of cranking up the temp at the end. Maybe by that time it's already time for bed anyway. Will remember that for the occasional insomnia episode.

The garden has Purple Kush and White Widow. Not sure where the WW falls, but the Kush (though Indica), has THC rated around 23-24 and CBD below 1%


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Check out this temp chart

Very nice! I'm a data geek, so loving it :)

I find this chart very informative as well...


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This is confusing as hell, here's the chart that I use, it's from Royal Queen Seeds and seems to disagree slightly (sometimes a lot) with some of the temps previously shown, keep in mind the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius . I use an Arizer Air 1 and I've checked the temps with lab quality equipment and it's all within +/-5% of stated temperature.


Cannabis researcher Dr. Arno Hazekamp has stated that 210°C is the optimal vaping temperature. REALLY interesting paper, here's a link.
Ideal Temperature Settings For Vaporizers - RQS Blog


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Thank you for those charts. I've got a DaVinci and man does it ever make a difference in sedation. I've realized that unless I want to fall straight into bed best not to crank up the temps. Been trying it out on sativa versus indica, as I've only got two varieties at the moment. Go light with the sativas and keep all that heady goodness. Vaping sure isn't the same as combustion, but if I'm out camping it's a great way to take along and just micro-dose through the day.
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