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Tobacco Addiction

Julie Gardener

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Tobacco Addiction​

I was a heavy tobacco user, since I was eight. It seemed useless to quit after many years of trial and failure, I couldn't afford factory cigs , so I. rolled my own for 25 years. These were stronger and had no filters...I was dosing heavy tar and nicotine: I would wake up at night needing nicotine, and first thing in morning with coffee too. Thirty-seven years later I was forty-five years old and could not breathe well and felt as if I were suffocating.

One morning I made the decision to throw away my rolling papers and top (brand) tobacco and my tobacco sack, for good. It lasted only twenty-four hours--I was desperate for nicotine.

The next morning, instead of rolling a cigarette, I started sparking up "one hits" in a stone bowl I made. Whenever I wanted tobacco, instead I smoked weed, just a little at a time, three or four hits (fairly good quality)

Thee sense of want t disappeared and EVERY time I wanted a cigarette, I substituted pot for tobacco. In three weeks I had absolutely no urge for tobacco whatsoever. Giving up nicotine had been easy, because I had replaced the poison with the medicine.

Four and a half years later, I've not smoked any tobacco at all (except second hand) and have no desire to return to the tobacco habit, no urges or cravings at all. That is a true medical miracle and this is a true story. I will repeat it often during my lifetime as a revelation.

Now marihuana will still get you busted in America; it's hard to get, the quality is poor and the bags usually are rip-off sacks, low weight and seedy and stemmy with lots of lumber and crushed seed. So I can't always get it and its not always good and sometimes I cannot afford it, so I DON'T ALWAYS HAVE IT. Guess what,, I STILL DON'T WANT TOBACCO, even going without weed for weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

What pot does for me is calm down my anger, help me relax and concentrate. I become creative and my creative output skyrockets! My appetite gets better and for the simple foods I eat, digests better. I sleep all night if I smoke weed, as opposed to some nights with only a few or less hours of fitful dreaming. I sleep soundly and peacefully. It's the best medicine I've ever known. I went from sick and complaining to healthy and productive with the AID OF MARIHUANA AS MEDICINE.

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