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Today I smoked...


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Fellow tokers,

Everyday smokers know how awesome weed is that it makes everyday routine newly interesting.

Today I smoked in my woods around 11am just as a way to enjoy the sunlight as much as I could. Later today I smoked before work (makes the first hour or two go by much faster!). About five minutes ago I smoked because I'm waiting for my friends to get here... so we can go smoke some more.

what about you guys??? what did you smoke for today?



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Smoking in the woods sounds like a great way to enjoy the daylight :D I enjoy that myself, but haven't smoked today


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I haven't smoked today, but yesterday i met up with my mate to celebrate only having 1 final left, which we did with our brand new 40 cm glass bong. Best celebration ever. Resulting in my mate and me cooking up an enormous feast! After that we took a few more rips and headed of to bed. For some unknown reason we both woke up at around 3 o'clock at night and figured we might as well toke while being up. Cant remeber anything after that, but dreamt like crazY! ;)


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I smoked today for this reason......it was like a mountain

"Because It Was There"
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