Tokes 2nd Grow LED Remix - Coco - Barnies Cookies Kush - 2015


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quick update, the ladies are doing well since their staking still have one thats about 2 feet shorter than the rest its producing flowers so im going to keep it just getting covered up by the other girls so im going to try and elevate the plant somehow. I decided to splurge and buy 2 mars hydro 600 watt leds for side coverage maybe for more overhead coverage this grow they are on the way now im very excited to add them to the 900 watt im using now my only complaint with mars hydro so far is the loss of 3 diodes thus far have been feeding at around 550ppm going to start upping things here soon.





cheers guys



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FLower picture update tomorrow will be hanging the second of two 600 watt mars hydro mars 1 panels hopefully the side plants will benefit from the investment. everyone is looking decent some concerns about the runt of the litter yielding low numbers but we shall see the plants 2.5 feet smaller than the largest plant ( think ive got some stretching with the larger gals as they are touching the led with their main colas about 4.5 feet up obviously im running an indica heavy strain!!).

Till tomorrow im out and cheers guys!!!

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Hope all is well in your world.

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