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Toking under candle light


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This mornig my power was out because we had a big snowstorm. The only place I am aloud to smoke is in the basement. If toking under candlelight sounds romantic and peaceful well its not. Its really freakn hard to see what your doing.


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LOL dang man musta been rough. but you always have a light handy.

isos 42o

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i would have lit the candle smoked and just sat there meditating in the darkness that seems very calming/relaxing to me


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lol i read the title of the thread and was expecting you to pull out some shit talkin bout how cool the light hits everything and how trippy it is

nice one man


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I love to smoke in the dark. I'll load a bowl or whatever in the light though. I have a dimmer switch where I smoke so it is better then a candle.


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I always go on hikes, and come across some little abandoned shack. Usually, I'll take that opportunity to have a bowl with no wind interferance. Sometimes the sun is barely lighting the inside, and there's probably a nest of mice in most of them, but I still treasure the memories of sparking up in those old houses in the woods.
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