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Tom Kikuchi Arrested By Feds

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
I am sad to report that our fellow ASA member and alleged medical cannabis cultivator Tom Kikuchi was arrested by federal agents when he reported for a routine drug test as required under his bail agreement for state charges stemming from a cultivation arrest earlier this year. Apparently, the US Attorney's Office has decided to try Tom in federal court instead of letting the case move forward in state court. This means Tom will be unable to raise medical cannabis or his compliance with state law in his defense.

This is a terrible injustice and illustrates the unjust consequences of a conflict between state and federal law medical cannabis patients and caregivers. Tom's case is especially heartbreaking because he was just released from federal custody for cultivation last year. His partner, Stephanie Landa, is currently serving a 41-month sentence from the same case. Tom has been denied bail, and is currently waiting in LA County jail.

Please take a moment to write to Tom to let him know is not alone or forgotten:

Mr. Thomas Kikuchi
Prisoner No. 92479-011
MDC Los Angeles
P.O. Box 1500
Los Angeles CA 90053

We will never protect brave and compassionate people like Tom and Stephanie until we fully implement California's medical cannabis law and change federal law. Let's use this unfortunate event as sad inspiration to keep fighting.

You can learn more about Tom's case and what you can do to help at the 2nd Annual LA County Medical Marijuana Exposition on September 15 or the LA-ASA Meeting on September 22. Please take a moment to write a short note of encouragement today!

For details about the Exposition, LA-ASA Meeting, and the upcoming statewide mobilization, visit Home

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