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Sup sLiCe, yeah Chong got 9-12 months for selling bongs. Not possesion. Yahoo even put it on my news page for me. FREE CHONG.
It was for selling bongs. The story is on the front page of this site (www.420times.com) somewhere. I'm guessing he called one of his products a "bong" because it rhymes with "Tommy Chong." Legally, you're supposed to say water pipe or bubbler. It's a RETARDED law, but i don't know which way they would go if they changed it (outlaw bongs altogether, or legalize it all) so I'm happy where it is
Hey Old Guy. Don't say "bong" they may try to put you in jail next. He got a $20,000 fine to.
That's so stupid. Why would they put some guy who sells coloured pieces of glass in jail when there's killers running around out there...lazy cops.
tommy wasnt even selling them himself...just using his likeness and name. it's all messed-up if ya ask me. ashcroft must not have much to do.
Yeah man I saw that on the news to. I can't wait man I bet that will be funny as hell.
I saw an interview on www.pot-tv.net and chong talks about his movie, and smokes a bowl of hash with marc emery, he's a canadian politician that is pro-marijuana and is fighting for its legalization. CHong also says that there some type of contest: who ever writes a good script for the next cheech&chong they'll use it.
"In my case, they told me if I didn't plead guilty they would indict my wife and son and they would end up in jail," Chong said. "They said if I plead guilty nothing will happen to (me)." - Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong Speaks From Behind Bars
I've had the post-it idea on my mind, but I've been too busy with school and too absent of cash to get a PO Box


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besides chong their are many other headshop owners in jail right now because of the bush administrations "operation headhunter". these people were running their bussinesses freely for years and then all of the sudden theyre shut down, robbed, and thrown in jail. what will this stop? did any of you say "oh man my headshops shut down guess ill quit smokin now" i thought since many headshops claim their pipes are for tobacco use only for legal purposes that a good way to protest would be to get a bunch of people to go to a restaurant with a smoking section pull out a bunch of unresonated bongs and smoke tobacco out of em. that would be hiarious. unfortunatly here in ny you cant smoke in restaurants, bars, or pretty much anywhere. which is another bullshit law and has resulted in poor bussiness for many bar owners. god bless the us.