Tomula's 1st Ever Indoor Closet Stealth - Soil - WW/AK47 - Hybrid Grow - 2014/15


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Hello everyone,
I've decided to share my progress of my 1st grow ever with you. English is my 2nd language so please be patient with me. I may attempt some supercropping and topping but I will be glad for any suggestions from experienced growers.
I've started 12 days ago with 1 seed, an old closet, regulated power supply for the fans. First I bought 250W HPS (33000lm, not shown here) with ballast+reflector and 48W/6500K (3700lm) round forescent tube with ballast+no reflector atm :-(. Then 120mm PC fan and some pots(3,5 and 8 liter). The soil and nuts i am using are Plagron products, the soil is fertilized for 3 weeks of veg. Also Advanced Hydroponics root stimulator. I bought 6 feminized seeds (White Widow/ AK 47 hybrid) from Natural Seeds (Local company) online for cheap. I dunno if it is THE White Russian. Should be potent Indica dominant.
Here is a picture of the germinated seed. I put it into rockwool. Day 1.

There is my setup in the closet (WIP). 60x60x150cm=2x2x5ft. Not 100% lightproof atm. Temp around 24°C. Fresh air has to go from bottom back around the shelf and out. I will add second fan later (totally forgot). Light is on 18/6.

A little seedling. Day 4.

Moved to the 3 liter pot. Day 8.

Day 10.

Day 12. I flushed some soil away while watering exposing the rockwool so I ve added some fresh one.

I will keep you posted. Feel free to ask questions, point out my mistakes in my G&G (gardening and grammar). :peace:


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Just keep your light close and some wind blowing to build up you main stem.
Everything looks good right now. And your english sounds good to me i only know english and my grammer is worse than your. Lol keep up the good work


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So I have added second fan for air circulation, proper air intake vent and moved the exhaust fan inside in order to minimize noise and light coming out/in. I've also tested PH of my tapwater and water with root stim. and it is both around 7-neutral (not good eh?). I read that few drops of lemon juice in my water container should fix that but I am not sure, so any advice on PH is more than welcome. Also humidity is around 42%.

Day 15. You can see the "naked" air intake.

There is my homemade cover for the intake. (Its made from box the light came in)

And here is the whole upgraded setup.

Day 16. She's been growing slower recently (building up roots?), but looking good.


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So there is another update. I am still not adding any nutes, but I'm thinking about LST because my main stem is thin and i want to top my plant in the future. I will tape the 5 fingered leaf to the side of my pot. Any advice is welcome. I have low humidity in my closet so I've hung wet cloth on the door increasing humidity from 35-40 to around 55%.

Day 19.

Day 21.


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Hello everyone I was away for some time and I topped oh my she's grown a bit :) I am going to introduce her to the nutes (starting 1/3 or 1/4 of full dose) tomorrow. And I am gonna buy acid (phosphor or nitrogen?) to adjust my ph permanently because lemons suck. I also plan to build a double net using wood and a string and an air filter/scrubber using activated coal (but that can wait). Merry Christmas everyone and keep 'em growing! :peace:
Day 30.


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Hi Tomula, it looks like you're already doing well with the topping and don't really need any lousy advice from me. Your plant looks very fit and healthy, you're doing a good job and your English is just fine... keep it up and enjoy your grow :)


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Ok, so I've checked the Nugbucket's guide and found it very useful. I've tried 1/4 strenght nutes and got no negative reaction, then after some time I decided to transplant my plant. So I've transplanted my little girl into the pre-nuted soil and watered her only with water and root stimulator. I've also topped her, should have topped earlier but hey she will make it an I am in no rush, I dont care how long my veg period will take and every mistake will make make me better grower eh? :D. Here are some pics before transplantation:
Day 35, before transplanting:

Here are the roots (sorry for the poop in background)...

...and the new 9 liter pot (note my cat photobombing!)

And here she is in a new home:

Day 36, after transplantation I've found this:

that means she is a girl, but why I see it during veg? Light leak? Different light during transplant?
One of the leaves was damaged so I cut it off:

So far so good, new updates will come soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND PEACE TO ALL! :love:


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Nooooo she split! I have seen some bad splits and they recovered. I am not experienced as much as these other guys so maybe they will have some advice.

Wait. it didnt split. Whew. I thought you split the stem.

yeah, those look like pistils. What was your light schedule?

What day did your baby break through the surface of the soil?


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My lights are 18/6, and she broke the surface 29th of November. I am going for 8 main stems. And not mentioned above- I burried her deeper into the soil up to the first two cotyledons in order to get more roots from her.


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I would leave those new shoots to grow out a little before tying down to avoid damaging the new growth, but otherwise everything looks great :) I split quite a few of mine, but they are pretty forgiving and tend to heal and bounce back quickly. I found the young plants are more rigid after watering and more flexible when dry if this helps. After each topping things progress quite slowly for a few days and then suddenly take off again. It is difficult at this stage not to be impatient and want to proceed quickly until the next step, but patience will pay off in the long run and it will only add a few more days to your grow.


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My lights are 18/6, and she broke the surface 29th of November. I am going for 8 main stems. And not mentioned above- I burried her deeper into the soil up to the first two cotyledons in order to get more roots from her.

Awesome. I'm subbed to this. Our plants are 5 days apart in age.

Is that manifolding? I read a little on that.


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The tutorial I used for topping was by Nugbuckets... use Google to search for 'main-lining nugbuckets'. I can't post a link because it gets blanked out unfortunately.
This is great guide I read it two times and there is almost everything you need to know about main-lining/manifolding.


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So I topped my plant the last time and now I will just let her grow. But I have noted some strange things: The new stem from the place where pistils were is somewhat mangled and weaker.

Also new pistils (1-2) grew at every place of topping more on top of the older ones, i dont know if this is bad or what?

Ok, got some pics for you taken with my mobile phone this time. She looks good so far.


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Thats great to hear I thought the seeds are auto but that is more vigorous growth than my 5 pistils, isn't it? She shure is slow grower but man she smells good :) But I shall be ready when smell hits the fan! I think when she is gonna flower the smell will be overwhelming. And your grow looks great too! Do you have 16 mains stems on your plant? :Namaste:


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Ok guys, another batch of new photos, I've also made 1/2 nutes water for her after she handled 1/4 well in new nuted soil, so far so good just keeping her wide and low with lst. I've been removing foiliage as she grows, but I did not removed leaves on the damaged node I hope it will help it to catch up.
My temp is good, humidity is lower but I cannot do much about that since I am not with her everyday. PH of my water is around 6,8-6,5. Still there is room for improvements. Any tips and tricks are welcome.
There are some photos of the damaged node, getting better but still small :(

And there is the whole plant.

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