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Hello everyone... My name is Tonya Davis I am a Ohio Activist who is author and citizen sponsor of the Ohio Compassionate Act. This legislation would remove very sick people who use cannabis as a medicine under a doctors supervision and with qualifing conditions out of this drug war.
The goal now is to get the Ohio Senators to get on the ball and introduce it.
I am the State Director of the Ohio American Association for Medical Cannabis, the Medical Cannabis Director of North Ohio NORML, and the founder of mmjactionnetwork.com.
A domestic violence survivor who was beaten by her ex-husband so badly that she permanently suffers from scoliosis and is in a wheelchair. I also suffer from crippling arthritis, inflamed bowel disease with adhesions, and pseudohypoparathyroidism which prevents my body from absorbing nutrients necessary for survival
personal political philosophy is to be completely anti-drug use, but in recent years she discovered that cannabis is more effective in treating my symptoms than many of the pharmaceutical chemicals my doctors have prescribed for her.
When I have it, medical cannabis works better than a lot of other medicines on the market and it allows me to eliminate 30 of the 78 pills I use each day to survive,@ she said. Cannabis is the best expectorant and anti-inflammatory I have found. It also eases my pain and relieves my anxiety about being terminally ill.

I am literally fighting for my life,and for so many other people who just want to live with a little dignity and not be all drugged up and in a nursing home, or homeless.
I dont have a criminal record, and, as a U.S. citizen I deserve treatment and protection equal to that enjoyed by the five patients the federal government has approved to use medical cannabis.

Well thats my introduction. Im nobody special just a small fish in a huge Ocean... We would get further if everyone who reads this makes a phone call to your lawmakers and ask them to support the compassionate use of medical cannabis in your state.

Very nice meeting ya
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Jim Finnel

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Welcome Tonya! I'm glad you found us. Its always good to meet someone who cares enough to do something. I'm a wheelie' too and have a number of conditions I treat with Marijuana rather than hasten death with the legal killer meds. Stick around :cool:


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Welcome to the forums Tonya - It's nice to see you are active with NORML - I am currently trying to contact my local NORML group and get things rolling here in Memphis. Keep up the fight, we will be heard eventually....
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