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Too far to return to veg or OK?


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Hey all,

Due to a problem landlord, unexpected "visitors," spider mites, and attempts to buy a place to get out of this one, my plants have suffered all sorts of light and temp changes. I've discontinued the perpetual grow, started no new seedlings (ripped off) or new clones, and have given away all but 12 plants. One of my 12 is under a 150 light as it was too late to return it to veg. The rest of the plants were destined to go outside and grow huge before blooming in September. However, all the moving hem about and hiding them in odd places while people look at the house has made the tent start blooming. I saw pre-flowers last week and they all have buds now, even the tiny 2 leaved clones. :-(

Is it too late to re-veg them outside? I hope to have all of them out in the next 30 days, and hope it's not too late to revive them. They will have more than 12 hours of daylight until mid September. Is this enough time to recover and grow more? This is frustrating... The perpetual grow left me with plants from 2 inches to 3 feet. The buds are finger tipped sized. What a mess!

Here's photos.... I can take more, just tell me what ya want and TY for the help.

Here's the entire tent full, 7 strains

Here's the larger plants in 1 and 3 gal pots. The top right is LST and FIM.

Here is the canopy top for the 4 larger plants, with the best bud views.

Here's the smaller plants with my Blumat Tropf watering system. (they all have them) Since the company making these don't sell stocks, I'm helping a local store be the first in the US to carry this system. This thing is what keeps my plants alive on those days I'm bedridden. One of these plants is actually 3 strains together in one pot. (for the hell of it)

Here's a Blumat close up on my 1 gal pot of GDP

Here's one of the two plants outside. I bought 2 10 gallon muck buckets. This one is with the plant planted directly inside and a drain hole added 2 inches above ground level. The rain is ending, so the others I'll try a 10 gal grow bag inside, lifted up with rocks to drain. This one has been outside longer and has smaller buds.

Last is the sorry plant in bloom for 45 days now. I wanted to reveg this one, but it was too late. I box fell on it, but it still lives in a closet with 150W HPS and 45W CFLs.


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IMHO no its not to late for them girls in the first couple of pics... just may take a month or two to turn around. so patients will be the name of that game.:goodluck::peace2:


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You can pretty much reveg any plant. I have cut the tops off and reveg'd, and many do just that. It takes a long time and you will think it is dying and stuff, but it can be done. Early flowering is one of the most common problems that slow us down.


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Thanks guys! Wait, this early flowering happens on a regular basis?? That blows..... I just moved a third plant outside. The blooms keep growing and the plants are stretching too much while verging under HPS. Next round, i'll use only Floros for veg. :-(

Should I cut these buds off?


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G-Dog, you predicted the future just right... Now ALL the plants outside are in full bloom, despite 12 plus hours of sun. A shame, the 6 foot tall plant has HUGE buds. :0( It's too blasted hot to bring them back inside and keep them in bloom.

I feel a bit better knowing this is a common thing... but indoors and out? Anyone else in unseasonably cold NorCAl with plants in bloom?

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