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Too many types of fertilizer! Help! Anyone!


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G'day all, my problem is I have to many types of fertilizer and I'm having trouble deciding which fertilizers to use, and when to use them! (See why I put this in frequently asked questions?)

I have all different types of fertilizer and I'm not quite sure which one to use when or even how!

I'm not sure if I put the granule type fertilizers in the soil, or on top of the soil. I'm not even sure which ones to use at the same time? E.g. "Granular NPK the whole plant life, Power feed during veg and Thrive during flowering period". That's what I was thinking although I'm not sure if that's right, but that's really what sort of answer I'm looking for, even just pointing me in the right direction would be great!

It is an outdoor grow, unknown strains. I have one (possibly two) females in the first week of flowering now and the rest haven't shown any signs of flowering yet. So which fertilizers when? Any other information needed can be given.

(These are just the NPK percentages, although they all have trace elements of course)

Eco growth NPK granules
N 6.1%
P 3.2%
K 6.2%

Thrive water soluble
N 27%
P 5.5%
K 9%

Seasol PowerFeed (Liquid Concentrate)
N 12%
P 1.4%
K 7%

I've also added a small amount of Osmocote Controlled release Fertilizer
to the top of the soil. It has the following percentages:
N 13.8%
P 3.5%
K 8.0%
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