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Too much air flow

Bill C

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First, run your wires. You should have a box that your dimmer will mount to. This box should have the cable that goes to your fan as the "out" line, and the cable that goes to power as your "in" line (make sure the breaker for this is OFF).

Inside the box, crimp the ground wires (bare copper or green wire) together, leaving enough wire to connect to the box or to the ground lug on the dimmer (grounding the box). Next, connect the neutral wires (white) together using an electrical twist nut. The hot wires (black) connect to the dimmer. Put all the covers back on and turn the breaker ON. Test. Done!


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there is a difference than a dimmer and a speed control !!!!!

make sure you have a speed control. if not you may be replacing that vortex fan !


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Thanks one and all for the guidance.Am going to go with Stevemahns advice I am following his led grow. This guy can grow..Got myself 2 180 all blues and 2 360s small cabinets should be fun
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