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Too much light?

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Can you have too much light? I used to grow corals in my reef tank and sometimes you could burn the corals. Can this happen with MM? I was planning on buy a 400w dual light set up with MH and HPS. Seems some say I should get more watts. I will probably be only growing maybe 6 plants.
Yes you can have to much light but very unlikely. Is your light the 800w combo? Then you would be good. I have used the 600hps/400mh combo and was a great light. Now if you want you can buy the spendy bulbs that have both in one. As for 6 plants I would stay 600 and up for flowering.
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well I don't have anything yet, but was considering a 400w dual one that has HPS and MH.. I am new so I have tons to learn
400w would work, just make sure the hood covers your area. Thr how to grow section here at 420 is great for those looking for answers. research there and anything you cant find there ask here. good luck