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Too Much Light?

Captain Kronic

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Here is a question I have been looking for an answer to and as of yet have not found!

I am wanting to know if there is such a thing as too much lumen per square ft. on my grow table... this table is used to both veg and flower right now.
The table is 4x20=80sq.ft, take that and multiply the 80x your desired lumen, which in my case would be say 70... from what I have read, that is a fair number.
OK... so if I have the formula right... 4x20= 80, 80x70= 5600W. That means that to properly light this table w/70W per sq ft, I would need a total of 5600W worth of light.

I currently have 7 100W HPS over this table, that is way more than 70... it's closer to 90W per sq ft of table... is this too much?
Could this be the reason I have so much trouble w/low RH levels? I can usually cut the lights down to 5 lights and keep pretty good humidity, not as good as I would like but, I take what I can get!

Just to fine tune this post... my table is about 3' raised, I have 7 100W HPS set above the table in a side to side (table wise) and not length wise. It was done this way to max the available light.
I had a pard help set this up and I am finding out, his backward ass shite don't work for me... I have had to re-do most of his work!
For fans ect... I have an 8'' can fan mounted in the ceiling plus a 6"er for exhaust, a 20''er oscillator blowing across the tops of the lights, 2-16'er oscillating blowing just above the plant canopy and then 1- 12"er oscillater blowing across the floor. I also use a 6' length of misting hose to boost low RH.. this is only on once in a while for 10 mins or so!

My overall room measures out at about 2544 cubic ft.

So... the principle of the question is... is this too much light, or... is it necessary to have this much... cost is a concern right now so I don't want the extra lumen if I don't need them!

Also, is it a bad idea to over build w/the lights... like mounting them sideways instead of long ways on the table?

Thanks in advance for reading/posting... :peace2:
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