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Too much new growth When to harvest?

Gummy Bear

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Is there really such a thing as too much new growth?

Just got my hps/mh 400 watt convertable system about two weeks ago. Had a plant that was almost 6 weeks into budding. Fair budsite production and pistils starting to turn brown. I thought I was close to harvesting, but then I put the 400w hps on it and started using advanced nutrients Big bud fert (thought i could sneak in one dose before i started the two weeks of pure water flushing).

Problem: She started to produce massive amounts of shite hairs all of a sudden over the last week and a half. The hairs that were starting to brown up a bit have turned almost completely brown and look withered and have receeded into the seed pod. The new hairs are about 50% the amount more than what I aleady had growing, but they are new and white.

Now I am not sure when to harvest. The bottom half of the buds are brown and swollen. Ready. The top half (of each budsite) is covered in new growth and looks like it needs many more weeks.

Do I harvest now or wait for the newgrowth to slow down and then turn brown as the trichomes are ripening? Don't have a scope or mag glass and probably won't be getting one (grow light set me back a few.)

What to you think?

I will never us cfl again after having seen the results this 400w hps has produced! Wicked nice!

Soil grow
MG/Big Bud Nutes
400w MH/hps conversion light


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I harvest by time, I normally run a tight schedule with my grows so after 8 weeks of flowering I harvest ready or not. I will go nine but thats the max for me cause I normally have plants that need to be transplanted to the flower room. If I were you I would go by time with this grow.

Gummy Bear

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Thanks for the response Mr. Urdedpal. That works out well. That is the only flowering plant I currently have, so when it's harvested I can focus on the vegging soon to be flowering plants.

It has not been cut yet due to time constraints, but hopefully I can do it within the next few days.

Thanks again for helping me. I really appreciate it!!! :)
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