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Too Much Nitrogen? How To Recover?


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One month in veg after flowering. In Hyponex soil 3 gallons under 600 watt MH light. I have flushed the plant, and the runoff is PH 6. What should I do next?



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look into the ph thing. I am not a soil guy, but I think soil ph should be around 6.5. Also, are you feeding the plant nutrients or is it in the soil already. I am not familiar with "hyponex" but if it has slow release ferts then try not to water until it is ABSOLUTELY necessary, as giving water will give it nutrients. Looks like you have been doing something right up till this point though...


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happy plant some people think more nutes make big buds , less is more , most common things on this forum over feed and over water . i use a cheap potting mix with some perlite and i go easy on the nutes , i am even doing one at the moment with baby milk lol. check my link below ,
havnt had a problem at all with her , infect i love her shes my best plant so far , i am just hoping she makes it to the end , shes 4 weeks 12.12 tomorrow
the re veg clone link

good luck


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It seems the potting soil with fertilizer is popular enough that I can't find any without it. I am trying to get clones started from this plant, just don't know if I will succeed on the first try or not. So I am trying to keep this plant alive as long as possible. This has turned into a learning experience for me. I will post again to let you know if there is improvement or not. Thanks for the replies.


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Ok, it looked like I was going to lose her, so I decided to get radical and experiment. Pulled her out of the pot, and removed most of the soil. Then I repotted her in some fresh sunshine advanced mix 4. Now I am lightly watering with PH adjusted (5.9) water only every other day. I expected wilting but that didn’t happen. I think she looks better, and seems to be growing with no shock from the transplant.
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