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top burned and other issue


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Hi all, first i would like to thank everyone that makes this forum possible its a place and has lots of very good resources.:goodjob:

Here's the deal, i am a first time grower, got the basic stuff, indoor tent (80x80x120), 90W LED, extractor, temp and humid meter.
this plant is 1 month and a few days old, IMO it looks pretty good, but i am having some concerns now.

Issue 1. the top got burned (only top, not on other leaves anywhere), its about 1 feet from the light right now, am using very few nutes (Bio grow and before that a little powder feeding - sativa) i used demineralized water.

any opinions? or should i not worry that much? let me know if more information is needed.



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Thank you Payton, this was also my initial thought. think i will just give it demineralized water without nutes for the next one.


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Your plant looks great, you're over-analyzing. Just breath! She's gorgeous. The spot could be from a drop of water on her leaf and the light 'cooking' it onto her. Or if could be a drop of nute water that burned her. The tear was probably caused by you. They're delicate and brushing up against the leaf could have caused this. I really wouldn't worry, but since I know you will this is my advice to you. Pay close attention to the spots or tears you find. If you don't see another spot or tear in the next few days you can rule out anything serious.

Good luck, she really is a pretty lady! (and stop worrying so much! Remember this is supposed to be fun! The more you over analyze every little thing, the more likely you are to screw up trying to fix something that's not even a problem. I was you like you on my first few grows. Trust me on this.)
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