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Top nutes in a comparative

Captain Kronic

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I saw the one on here for "indoor nutes" I was wondering if anyone knows of a well done study for outdoor nute programs. I am having trouble coming up w/one that looks valid or is more than just some guys opinion.

Someone, somewhere has to have done a worthwhile comparison on top nute programs; I would think so anyways!

So, if you have read one, have one or know where one is... I would really like to see it... :Namaste:

PS... the study I mentioned for the "indoor nutes" is on site, very good and right here:
A top nutrient study - Which is the best? Produces most?

Julie Gardener

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Hey Capt'n, are you looking for organic or Chem ferts? I'm just gonna throw this out there, some here are working with Osmocate Plus, it's a time released fert that works really well when temps aren't too crazy. They use it indoors with soil, some in hydro, but it maybe good outside if temps aren't too way up or down. But something to consider as it is working well for them and is not too expensive. Doc Bud uses it. His take on growing is KISS. And another thread here is called Osmocate Plus, a few growers on there are using it and comparing notes. Really good insight. It's a Chem fert and may work really well in your outdoor garden too. They all use other things too which are pretty much organic, just this OC+ which has micro nutes. I know your looking for someone doing outdoor ferts to look at their notes but you may consider looking into it and trying it as a base. These aren't full on studies because this is a product that I don't think too may have used from what Doc had mentioned but you never know...it might be your jewel :)

Here is one link and Doc Bud's is in here too if your interested...Osmocote Plus Plant Food - discuss its use with Cannabis here!

Captain Kronic

Member of the Month: July 2011
Thanks for the feed brue... I'm pretty dead set on going "organic' outside this year... I have been plotting this out for a long time... this is gonna be my statement year... last was good, this ones gonna be a humdinger... word!

Well, I was hoping that there would be a study like the one I gave a link for... have been searching for a while to no avail.

I am going to read on the Osmocote Plus, just to have that base knowledge but, not sure which way to go w/the outdoor nutes yet. Last year... I used lots of different stuff... only a couple of the nutes were constantly applies.
This year, I am going to go in w/more of a program. Haven't decided yet though... I am thinking maybe Earth Juice... not completely sure yet.

Hopefully, I will find my study soon... thanks again Rubivroom!
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