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Top of Plant Mildew Rotten


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I been growing in my 10x14 greenhouse that holds 2 aquaponic grow beds about 150 gallons each. I also have soil grows in pots and have a white widow that is 1/2 through flowering.

Well upon inspection of the top cola, when I opened it up I discovered the dreaded rotten mildew. Im not talkin white powder mildew im talking like umm, well rotten mildew lol. I pulled all the rot out.

I also had 2 months ago a grapefruit that grew in my aquaponic beds, I didnt know until much later that the top from that plant also had the same rotten mildew. I ended up throwing a lot of the top away.

Is this happening because of the humidity? Im very put off by this, Ive spent a lot of money on my greenhouse......

Its mostly been happening on just my tops...
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