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Toped SilverHaze#9 (2 or more colas?)

Bubba Zanetti

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Huey guys long time no see :high-five: , so my question is this, after topped my plant 3 brunches sprout from the cut do you guys think is possible the plant at the end has 3 colas ?









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Re: Toped SilverHaze#9 (2 or more colas ?)

looks good to me, when you top you usually get 2 shoots growing up which is the growth at the nodes either side of where you topped it, but its also possible for the nodes below that to also grow up and become the top of the plant so its possible to have 4 shoots growing up from topping depending on how quick the growth below grows,

as for how many main cola your going to have well it all depends which buds are the highest and how even the branches are, the tallers shoot is going to be the main cola as the plant will focus more energy on that bud, but if you get the branches are roughly the same height then both will grow at the same pace and give you same size buds, its the same if you used a scrog or lst like i do, i pulll some of my plants right over so the main stem runs along the ground, then all the growth at the nodes grows upwards and becomes the top of the plant, ive got one at the minute thats easily got 15 branches growing up and all at the same height so buds will be pretty much the same size across the whole of the plant,

Bubba Zanetti

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Well one more time I have to apologize for the long time away of the forum, first of all many thanks for the replies and Don great info, so to compensate I will post photos of my last 2 grows a Silver Haze 9 grow and a SOG of 2 Blueberries, 2 Jorge's Diamonds, 2 Euforia, 2 Brainstorm, and off course the photos of my actual grow the toped Silver Haze 9 so I hope you guys enjoy, uploading photos in curse :Namaste:


Bubba Zanetti

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Grats on the harvest those buds look delicious :yummy:

Thks CA215, Well the SH9 is almost ready, i usually give 11/12 weeks on Silver Haze#9, but this time i am seriously thinking harvest the girl at the end of week 10,




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Gals enjoying the new haircut



Bubba Zanetti

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Oh yea, she is finishing up very nice there fred! Looking dang tasty.
What strains you got coming up next in your veg section buddy?

:joint: CA215

Hey, on the veg tent i have 1 SilverHaze 9 Clone/mother, another SH9 clone (both hare from the toped silver, grow on going ) and 2 euforia from seed

Silvers by Sensi and Euforias by Dutch Passion


Bubba Zanetti

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Hey :ciao: harvest done, some photos from the harvest and some ice hash


Trim/popcorn buds/fan leafs with base coated on trics to make some hash


and some hash before and after some hand molding, more 30m playing with them will be perfect








thks for all see you guys i my next grow, maybe i start a perpetual grow journal or something


Bubba Zanetti

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Congrats on the harvest! Looks like an awesome harvest there Fr3d, some killer buds for the cold weather weeks ;)


Thks mate love your support, and to close this thread last pic

Ready for the jars


See you in my Perpetual journal
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