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Topical Analgesic

Scott Wheelman

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As a serious cyclist, paddler, and martial artist, my body gets pretty beat up at times. I've used acupuncture and various Chinese oils/ointments in the past in combination with my Cannabis to relieve some of the ailments, and just recently found a new product that is working for me - a topical analgesic by "Canna-Bliss." It has Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Butter, Coconut Butter & Oil, several other oils, and of course Cannabis. Comes in 3 scents: Scentless, Coconut Oil (smells like suntan lotion), and patchouli.

If your local Collective offers something like this - give it a try!



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Topical analgesics contain salicylates, which used for pain relief by reducing joint inflammation. Those who are allergic to aspirin, and who take blood thinners are not supposed to use topical analgesics with salicylates. Consult your physician before using topical analgesics


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I've been using herbs to make salves for my families minor aches and pains for many years now, Such as comfrey, sage, hyssop and lavender. Then I added cannabis root making a paste. This combination works great for sore muscles and joint pain. For the ROOT reduces swelling, eases pain, rejuvenates the circulation and is very antiseptic. I use oils, olive, hemp seed, and soy.
The cream, works well for edema, breaking up bruising, cooling skin, and accelerating the healing process.
I make it the organic way, no chemicals, peraben, or petroleum bases. This root cream even helped heal my shattered leg!
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