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Topical/Edible Ganja Grease Testing for my dispensary


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First sample will be the light version.
My intended use is to combat my frost bite infections that do not seem to go away for over 4 years.

Description of the product....

Golden Ganja Grease starts with the extraction of Kush specific strains using a patent pending (1936, year before prohibition) frozen process. It is then whipped together with organic cold pressed coconut oil , organic cold pressed extra virgin red palm nut oil, organic food-grade beeswax and fortified with super vitamin A and super vitamin E. Heart friendly with no trans or hydrogenated fats.

Golden Ganja Grease comes in two formulations; strong and extra strong. Both formulas can be used topically or injested.

"The strong formula is mainly used as a topical and can be applied freely to the face, ears and lips, exposed and sun damaged skin of the neck, forearms and hands. Super moisturizing, absorbes well without leaving a greasy feel. Softens the skin. It is safe to eat. The extra strong formula can be applied directly to painful areas of the body for pain management of arthritis, gout, shingles, pancreatitis, swollen joints, sun and other burns, open wounds and numerous other conditions.
Internally, a small amount of the extra strong grease, (1/8th tsp) in a cup of cocoa or tea or added to a fruit smoothy, will introduce enough of the active ingredients of marijuana directly into the patient’s system to allow for total relaxation and rest.

This product is not made for smoking or vaporizing. It is fantastic for the patient’s want to ingest cannabis oil or massage into skin for transdermal absorption. All the benefits of bud oil without the mess and goo!!

My dispensary does not make any claims that the Golden Ganja Grease cures any disease from the body. Use at your own risk and discretion. Please allow up to 3 hours for the full effect."

It is still in transit but once it arrives I will take pics and maybe even some pics of my frost bite I will think about that first though......


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So far it is a wonderful product. I take 1/8 tea spoon per oral dosage. Small smears for topical. It has made a noticeable difference so far!
My ear has less pain and the swollen scar and open sore tissue has gone down quite a bit. I thought about taking pics but decided not too for my own privacy and safety and as not to gross people out. I will add to this journal as time goes on and when I get the extra strong version as well.
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