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TopLed for 5*2*2 space?

Lusei Called

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Hello, another newbie :)

I need your recommendations for a TopLed light for a 5*2*2 ft space, I am going to do some LSTing due to the height limitations. I am not sure if I should get the
mars ii 400W?
or one of the reflector models (which one?)
or the older 3W*100=?300W model?

Also , I am not sure if I should grow 2, 3 or 4 plants? I have 3 different strains, all feminized seeds (jacky white, bubba kush and tropical snow)

Thanks and Bests,

Dantes Monkey

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I'd go for the 144x3. I've read that the 3w LEDs are more efficient for growing. And the reflector series can be used for veg and bloom in the same fixture.

Reflector LED grow light 144x3w

If you want 5w LEDs, two of the Mars II 400 would also do nicely as well.

Mars II 400w

For LST, I'd think 3 plants would cover a 5x2' space pretty well giving you a little over 3sqft / plant. However, 2' of height seems very limiting if I'm understanding your dimensions correctly. I think the recommended height for the light above your plants is about 2'.
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David Bowman

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I'm still vegging my first grow with this LED so I cannot say as to the yield. Along with the use of CFL sidelighting the growth during vegging has been the best of all of my grows so far. If you are concerned with overall yeild then a 96x3 watt would still fit within the 2'x2' space and double your light intensity. I would not go any higher than 3-watt diodes as the vertical height of your space probably wouldn't be enough to keep the LEDs the proper distance from the canopy.

Dantes Monkey

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Thank you Dantes.

The area is 2*2 ft, the height is 5 ft. So, what do you suggest for these dimensions?

As far as your # of plants, you could easily do one nice big plant in there or as many as 4 smaller ones. I think it really depends on how long you want to veg.

You may also want to consider a scrog to maximize your area. If done correctly, it will help keep you from running out of vertical space while maximizing your square footage.


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