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Topping advice needed!


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I have topped my plants 1 time per Grow in the past, but I'm
Looking for advice about a second and maybe third topping...I'm looking to grow 2-3 much bigger plants than before, very bushy and tall. I've topped in the past at above the 4th node...when and where would I top the next two times to stimulate multi top growth?

It's hard to see, but 2 or 3 of these will have 8 tops as they have been Topped one time. I want to top one or two more times. Any advice is appreciated, and please check out my journals!


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Re: Topping advice needed:)!

I tend to top when I'm seeing fast vigorous growth it seems to speed up recovery. So I've had a plant with 8 node sets and topped down to the third set, strip the first node set, leave the second set, and train the two Upper nodes to the same height of the two lower branches then I let it recover and show fast growth again letting at least 4 nodes grow on the new mains then top to the third node set again and repeat as many times as you like.

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