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Torn cotyledon from removing seed husk?


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my seedling has been emerged from the soil for around 3-4 days now. It still has the husk attached to it and seems to growing taller than usual. Out of concern i removed the husk as gently as possible. It was really stuck on there quite tight. upon getting it off I noticed i could smell a fresh plant smell. I looked inside the removed husk and there was squishy green matter inside of it which was giving off the smell. I worry ive torn the cotyledons apart or something. Do you think its a goner?



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Good luck with that one, even if it lives it'll be so far behind and stunted that you may as well pop another and let that one go, mercifully


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Thanks for the feedback guys.This is the only seed i had, as i came across it by chance. So I may aswel keep it cus there wont be many seeds coming my way for a while. Unless i buy some online or something. I dunno...

I dont mind if this plant doesn't produce a good crop or bud in a reasonable amount of time. I just want it as a specimen to add to my collection of other species of plants.


Is not about the crop, is about the slow development or even if she will make it, but since is your only seed i guess you should keep going, you don't need much light now , a cfl close to the seedling will do the job in the first week.


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I think it will survive though it's definiteley going to grow slower for a few days, as it needs to heal and regenerate. You should let nature do its job. As far as i know among many seedlings of mine also couldn't let go of the husk, but I waited with the removal until the first two leaves were at least half of a finger width big. Wishing you luck with that one.
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