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Total Newb. Any Help Is Appreciated


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Take 1 cutting from each plant, label, and put into a glass of water. Next put the glass of clones into 12/12 to sex them out. If all are female wait until 10 days after you put the first batch into flower to take any additional cuts.
ok so wait 10 days between cuttings correct. and also dont take cuttings during bloom correct?

is there any trimming up maintenance that I should be performing now. thanks for your help.

I can lay odds that 5 of the 6 will be male. I stressed them way way too much early on. scratch that 6 of 6 lol

so do I want to put in bloom lighting or can I use my veg lighting turned at 12/12
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All wrong. Take your first cuttings now and use those cuttings to determine the sex. Stress can trigger hermies but true sex is determined by genetics. You can use whatever light source you want to determine sex but I would keep the plants in veg on their existing cycle.

After the sex is determined then put the females in flower. 10-12 days AFTER you put them in flower then take cuttings. You can take cuttings all the way up to day 21 of flower.
urg I had a stupid stoner moment I mean veg and bloom/flower. ok take cuttings now force flower the cuttings check, once determined put "mothers" in flower cycle, then after 10-12 days take clones for next use. gotcha. now I understand the first part. but the second why must they be in flower for 10~ days before taking cuts? I have read all over on this site that says try not to take cuttings in flower, while others say only do it in flower. I know each is own and you gotta find what works for you, but why do YOU suggest 10-21 days is when the "real" cutting could be taken. just wondering so I will have knowledge of why its suggested. thank you so much for your time


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You can take cuttings any time you want to. I wait until day 10 for a few reasons.

1. I veg under T5's so my internodal spacing is extremely tight. Waiting 10 days gives the plant time to stretch.
2. Space in my garden. I only take cuttings once a month.
3. Time... 10 day spread gives me plenty of time to clean out the cloner.
ahhh thank you great reasoning. #1 has to do with the plant and the rest have to do with areas supporting the plant cycle. see its answers like these that I love. no bs opinions just facts. I really do mean it this place rocks.:yahoo:
yes and just a few days ago I found out number 5 IS female number 6 maybe number 1 and 3 were males. will get pics up soon. thank you for your interest
oh I couldnt be happier. if I would spend the money on some better cfls I think it would put it over the top. but I run 3-27 w 5500k and 7 23w 2700k
thank you for some reason this forum has been impossible for me to get on for the last 2 weeks. always get the page not found. its working today though yay.


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Get your humidity up is my thought. Cuttings like around 90%, plants in veg like around 50 to 60 percent. Then in flowering around 40%.

I've been able to clone at 50%. I'm not tolally sold on the humditity of the grow. I do very well with 50% and have roots within a week. Not always but pretty close.
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