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Total newbie mates! Need guidelines

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no experiens in growing its all new to me !
i aim for high quality+ quantity and i am willing to do it right
first quation light . LED VS HPS? also i saw some people mix MH +HPS what effect it does quility/quantity? and what should be the ratio (both veg and flowring )
also i though about an idea of giving the plant light not only from the top also from the sides which mean equal
ratio of light from above and from the sides how much effect you think it will have quality/ quantity ?
also would like to see some guide on keeping the right humidity for the plant (fulll life circle )
Re: Total newbie mates ! Need guidelines

Hey there mate. Welcome to the website. I'm about to start my first grow in a few weeks myself. My advice to you read as much as possible until you feel you are ready and then read abit more. :p I've been reading grows for more than a year now. First of all, what is your budget? Do you wanna grow in Soil or Hydro?

LEDs can be abit on the expensive side, quite many people are using them nowadays. MH lights are used for Vegetation period, where you can have your lights on for 16 hours and off for 8(16/8) or 18/6 or even 24/0. When you are about to start your flowering period, you change your light schedule to 12/12 and you use HPS lights for flowering.

It depends on you how long you want to veg for. You can pull off more zips if you veg for long enough (2months), people usually veg for a month.

How to Grow Marijuana
You can start your reading from there.

420 Magazine ® - The Capn's Grow - Blogs

Subscribe to the capn blogs and start reading his journals. By far, the best way to learn about growing, imo.

Once again welcome to the site.
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Re: Total newbie mates ! Need guidelines

THANKS mate for the help
as for the budget i am not going to spread all around but i am willing to do it right as i said
i would like to see some more answers ppl show some love
Re: Total newbie mates ! Need guidelines

As far as weight and THC content is concerned go hydro from all my reading, if taste is most important go with organic soils, L.E.D. is = to MH/HPS from what I have seen. Hydro is less forgiving if you make a mistake, so make sure you understand what you are getting into.
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Re: Total newbie mates ! Need guidelines

what about my quation about giving the plant all around equal light ratio not just from above
how much effect it will have on quality / quantity
I feel like side lighting would be more crucial in Flowering rather than veg. Especially true if using cfl's since they don't have much penetration. But I'm new as well and be wrong. More lights never hurt.
dank daisy is correct, side lighting is not as useful in veg as it is in flower. L.E.D. fixtures provide multiple points of light for better coverage, side lighting would not be necessary with an L.E.D. fixture.