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totally eff'd in the Detroit area


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yeah so I'm new to the area and had a connection about an hour away from me...it was someone I've dealt with in the past and didn't even think twice about anything being shady about dealing with them again.

So buddy offers me a qp of regs for $350 and I jump on it. I give him the cash not even thinking it would be a problem and he tells me he'll be back in 10 mins. I never see him again. I call his (and her) house and leave all sorts of messages but no one ever picks up the phone. So I do a reverse look-up on google and get an address and when I drive by the house looks abandoned...I have dealt all kinds of peopel in trying to buy since I used to live in Miami and have never had this happen to me... now I'm without a connection and haven't smoked in like a week. Aside from going down 8 mile which I don't want to do I'm stuck.
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