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'Tourism Suicide': Dutch to Ban Foreigners From Cannabis Coffee Shops

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Holland is to bar foreigners from its infamous cannabis-selling coffee shops.

Anti-drugs laws will see restrictions placed on who can use the shops, which allow patrons to buy and smoke drugs legally. The rules, called 'tourism suicide' by some, could put an end to many of the tens of thousands of visits made by Britons to Amsterdam every year.

Under legislation spearheaded by far-right politicians, only Dutch residents will be able to enter the cannabis-selling premises. By the end of the year, would-be customers will have to sign up for a one-year membership, or 'dope pass', to the coffee shops. Each shop will be allowed a maximum of 1,500 members.

Opposition MPs say the move could cost the country millions of pounds a year in lost revenue. They also fear Dutch residents, who are allowed to possess 5g of marijuana, could sell to tourists at massively inflated prices.

But a statement from the Dutch health and justice ministries said: 'We attract other types of tourists apart from drugs tourists. This law will put an end to the nuisance and criminality associated with coffee shops and drugs trafficking.'

The country decriminalised 'soft' drugs in the Seventies, and has around 750 coffee shops. About 220 are in Amsterdam — mostly in the city's red light district, where prostitution is also legal.

Coffee shops, the first one was called 'Mellow Yellow', were seen as a useful weapon in controlling the use of drugs. It allowed people to walk in off the street and order their favourite brand of marijuana rather than giving money to a potentially flourishing black market. By the 1980s, the shops were left alone by the authorities and had become an established part of Dutch life, famed throughout the world as a symbol of the country's tolerance. One - The Bulldog - even opened up in an old police headquarters in one of Amsterdam's most-visited squares. They soon became big tourist attractions.

Up to a million British tourists visit Amsterdam each year, many of them drawn by the appeal of the coffee shops. In recent years, British tourist numbers have been fueled by the number of stag parties in the city.

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Please wait until after June as I will be one of those tourists looking to buy my favorite brand of Cannabis.There is no peaceful way to get Cannabis legal.


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I recall reading that it had something to do with religious people getting elected.
Their god and weed don't mix,but there god created everything so they find a problem with what he did.Sounds like a catch 22 argument. :peace:


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Their god and weed don't mix,but there god created everything so they find a problem with what he did.Sounds like a catch 22 argument. :peace:
I don't know if they see a problem with it. They seem to be fine thinking their god created us.. You know, after we created him.. :50: Who needs logic when you have a book written by GOD!
Just don't think about it too hard, I believe that is their strategy.

All joking aside, there are some religious people who aren't nuts, and some non-religious folks are insane themselves..

This is sad to hear, I have never really had a desire to go to the Netherlands (other than to meet a certain large flute maker!).. But many people love that place as a "safe haven" for cannabis. Its very sad indeed.


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But many people love that place as a "safe haven" for cannabis. Its very sad indeed.
We need somewhere to be free from politics and religion.Sadly it only exists in our minds. :peace:


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Re: From the Amen corner:

Politics, Religion. Both about the same
They want the hearts and minds of men
But if they miss a Mark
Or catch a bad start
They be happy with your cash, instead :)
Well leaders of both and their cohorts of sorts
Will be surprised and quite subdued.
They will never foresee, but between you and me..
There is no money from I to pursue ;)

I'm working on it gator, man i love your posts!


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it's interesting they site the bad behavior of the Brits there for bachelor parties...the Brits had been going to Prague for similar activities, and were (again) acting badly and causing problems...I think they are shifting to other former Soviet republics where booze and women are cheap....


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and, speaking of shifting...if the Dutch really do close down the coffee shops, let's hope Portugal will fill the void...take their liberal drug laws one step further and license coffee shops...

how crazy...what are the law enforcement costs going to be to police the stricter drug laws in Amsterdam?

I'd better book a ticket for one last blast before the law is put in place....


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But officials in Amsterdam, home to 220 of the country's 500 or so cannabis cafes, said the proposals to turn the cafes into provide clubs would actually increase criminality and reduce public safety. The city council there opposes the move.

"We are concerned about the problems that will arise from large-scale street dealing," said a spokesman for Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan. "There are also health concerns, because with street dealing we cannot monitor the quality of the soft drugs or the age of the buyers," he said.

But the government said it would increase policing and deepen its efforts to drive organized crime out of marijuana sales and production. While coffee houses can sell marijuana, the law makes no provision for their suppliers. The industry is estimated to be worth about $3 billion a year.

The plan will be rolled out in the border provinces of Limburg, Noord Brabant and Zeeland by the end of the year and the rest of the country next year, government officials said. Border towns such as Maastricht and Terneuzen have already restricted the sale of marijuana to foreigners, while other towns, including Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom have gotten rid of the coffee shops altogether.
From article in stop the drug war.

I find the it disheartening their statements are disproved but yet they still say em and people still believe em


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I heard this news which tackles about implementing a law to ban selling of marijuana to tourist. The news also mentions that Several coffee stores in Amsterdam sell more than coffee. As a bastion of the community economy, these java houses have sold weed to foreign tourists and locals since the 1970s. However, the espresso shop cannabis industry will soon come to an end, states the Los Angeles Times. The Dutch authorities plan to stop narcotic tourism by forcing coffee stores to turn into private clubs that only sell to Dutch citizens that display proof of identification. A lot of us are thinking why is it that there's no immediate action done in order to stop this kind of transaction. Government officials needs a further investigation and urgent action in order to stop this illegal work. The proof is here: Law bans marijuana sale to foreigners from other countries in Dutch coffee shops, newstype.com

Propa Gator

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The Dutch authorities plan to stop narcotic tourism by forcing coffee stores to turn into private clubs
Is this your view: 'narcotic' tourist trade?
If you are simply regurgitating propanda syntax, what is your position?

We, here at 420, like open cannabis trade and use. :bong:
Or even not so open :smokin2:


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Just came back on Friday spoke to all people who run the coffee shops I went to. They said no way there are so many coffee shops it would probably ruin there economy. :peace:
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