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Town In Arkansas Hopes To Cash In On Medical Marijuana

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A small town mayor in Crittenden County, Arkansas hopes to cash on medical marijuana.

"We do have the room for the dispensary. That's what I would like to shoot for," said Turrell Mayor Dorothy Cooper.

Cooper said she's in the process of applying to land a medical marijuana dispensary. An idea that came to her after voters approved legalizing the drug to treat certain medical conditions.

Some marijuana can be grown at a dispensary, but will primarily just be the spot patients go to pick up their prescription.

"We've been in such bad shape," said Cooper.

She said a dispensary could open economic doors for the town by creating new jobs and revenue.

She wouldn't go into detail about her plan like who would run it and where it would go, just that the money generated would be used to rebuild the town.

"I thought it would be great for the community," she said.

The Medical Marijuana Commission, which falls under the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, is accepting applications through September 18.

They will grant licenses to the 32 dispensaries and five cultivation facilities based on a merit system.

A spokesperson told us on the phone a town applying for a dispensary would be different, but possible if they meet the criteria.

"We are going to get approved. We are the perfect area. There's a need here. This dispensary will feed the need here," said Cooper.

Cooper told WREG she plans on holding a town hall meeting about her plan only if the state grants Turrell a dispensary license.

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