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Tragedy in the garden (broken branches) fixable?


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Well today I woke up to a very unpleasant surprise. First thing I see when I look out the window is that nearly all of my plant was missing. After checking it out I come to find out that one of the top branches collapsed taking the branch below down with it. 2 branches were broken - I want to say the bottom branch should be fixable but I really don't know.. they were carrying lots of weight. Can any one offer any suggestions? Any help is appreciated.

Here is the top branch put together

Here is how it split

Another angle of split

Close up of split

Bottom branch put together

How bottom branch split

Another angle of split


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How long has it been that way? I have broke two branches and repaired them without any drooping at all but I broke them and repaired immediately. All you can do is try! Have some one hold it in place and wrap it up. It looks kind of dry in there though.


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Do as trichomes said. I had a lot of broken branches in my career and all of them were fixed with tape and a cord!
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