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Hey, thanks for stopping by to check out some Train Wreck Auto. I picked up these seeds in one of the contest wins, I was excited to see what they could do in just a small container. I dropped one seed in the cup and she germinated pretty quick, I think she was outta the dirt in 3-4 days. I put her into a 2.5 gallon plastic with Happy Frog Soil. I used the 3 part Flora Series, and kept to a fairly light feeding schedule. She grew stout and fat. She was a beautiful plant to grow and easy too. Some LST and she looked like the handle of a fencing foil. This was my second Auto and I will definitely be adding them into the rotation. I've currently got three growing and will be sprouting another one soon.

The growth is rapid and takes off right about two weeks. The seedling phase lasts a bout a week and then they slowly push out the first two sets and then they take off. I think with the pace of the plant upping the nutes by 50% would be ok. Anyways the grow was uneventful just the way it should be and she made a heck of a model for me.

I clipped the center cola about 6.5 weeks and let that dry and cure for 2-3 weeks. It smokes real nice for being early and has a smooth, earthy, finish. The high is nice and mellow, focused as I need to be but relaxed. Little bit of a body high but not couch lock by any means. The early pick still has some nice density and the trichomes are sweet and sticky.

I let the rest of the plant finish at 8-9 weeks and the remaining 6 tops finished up about 50% amber with some tight tops and a bit a popcorn too. I let the rest dry for a week and jarred it up and burped for 3-4 days. I put the bong in the freezer, chilled it down, and loaded a nice snapper of TWA! About midway through, the glass filled up and I felt my lungs start to expand, I snapped it through and waited to exhale. A smooth exhale and the flavor was not too strong at all, just smooth with a nice light flavor. The high from these buds is definitely stronger it zoned me out and had me thinkin bout my arms and legs and feelin some couch lock. Not too heavy where I couldn't get up but I definitely enjoyed my chair for thirty or forty minutes while watching TV.

I think this plant will get larger and produce more, if planted in a larger container and possibly medium too. I yielded about and 1.75 oz cured. Not bad for little runt in 2.5 gallon squatter!

If you're thinking about autos and looking for something easy this is one to try. I recommend a 5 gallon of coco coir and going from germination into 5 gallon. There is no time to transplant Autos and there is no time for correction.




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Thank you for your thorough review. If you're talking about the Crop King strain, I actually grew one a couple years ago (two-liter soda pop bottle full of soil) for experimentation (and sh!ts & giggles) but cannot recall what the plant smelled like during the grow. Must have either been inoffensive or generic.

Suggestion: Try putting HOT water in your bong (not after it has just come out of the freezer, obviously) . That'll hydrate your hit - and throat - making for a smooth one. It also causes bystanders to wonder, "WtF?" (but I do that every time I see a bong designed to hold ice cubes, lol).


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