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Trans Siberian Auto Day 70


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How's it going guys and gals. I have been working on this girl for 70 days now and honestly thought I'd be harvesting today, but she def has a few more weeks left. Anyways her basic info is Hydro 5gal DWC. GH 3 part nutes 50% strength mostly, currently 75%. She was moved into a growden 4x2x6.5 a few weeks ago and she has been under a taotronic 3x45w led, with an extra cfl added recently. This is my very 1st grow, and I'm def learning, but I'd like to think things are looking good for now. Any advice, comments, or thoughts or more than welcome. Thanks and have a great day.


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You really need to add more lights, a lot more. I use the TopLED MarsII 400 watter and it works great, and is a great price. If youre gonna stick with CFL's you need to add a lot more of them for a plant that big.


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Hi there and welcome to :420:

I do agree with the need for more light. If you can, i would add some more cfls. Hanging approx halfway down the plants height. 2700k is needed, as you are in flowering.. This will help get more light to the lower areas. I wouldnt bother getting another LED light at the moment. This is because you currently have height issues. It would only lead to burning issues...

Its not ideal, but all is not lost fellow grower.

On the plus side.... Your girl is green, alive and chucking out pistils...

Its your first grow, we all make mistakes... The biggest mistake is not to learn from your mistakes, i think.. Its a learning curve..

Dont beat yaself up about it, make the best of your situation. Next grow you will do better, i am certain of it !!!

Im only on grow 3, but im still learning... I got 2 auto grows under my belt and currently vegging my first photo

Anyways, best of luck in your grow....



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While it's true that with a tent that size more light is preferable, what you have done with what you have is amazing! She looks great, you got tons of bud sites, but shes taking longer because shes lacking light. Be patient she will be done eventually and by the looks of it will produce some very nice buds.

What kind of nutrients are you giving her right now?


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j189rfc, Thanks for the reply its nice to hear positive notes especially on something that was new. So here's a final update on the grow.
I used General Hydroponics 3 part nute system from week 2 up to day 85...5 days before chop. I used 50% of the reccomended dose for 75% of her life and then went up to 75%strength for the last 5 weeks of her grow. I do agree that I need a new light for my 4x2 tent and I'll prob be going with something from top light led, either 600 or 700w should do the trick. But I would like to say that on a single plant on my first grow using "not enough light" I pulled 3oz of dry, with another 1oz of trim and small buds. The trim went into a batch of brownies that knocked my socks off....30 min in I felt high and that ride didn't slow down for the next 5 hours...pretty fun. As far as the weed goes...1 getting 3 oz was awesome, and 2 the quality and taste of my plant beats everything Ive been able to try to date.., None of the local "loud" stands up to either "overall highness" or "smoothness" that I get from smoking this. I'd love to say its just me, but after sharing with friends and even sharing with my local DD everyone loved it and wanted to know what it was and where it came from...I plan on doing 2 more TSA's at the beginning of the new year side by side in the 4x2 tent under the new light....We will see if there's such a "difference"


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Awesome results :bravo:

Sounds like you got some nice herb there... Always nice when ya mates enjoy it too. Gives a validation for all your care and effort... In your first grow too... Its only going to get better. The scary first grow is under your belt. Onwards and upwards .

Hope you find ya socks soon :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:

Enjoy ya smoke , thanks for sharing ya grow. I have considered that strain myself.

Well deserved + reps for a great first grow



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Thanks again for the support Budworshipper. It is great to have that 1st grow out of the way, learned a lot def have a few ideas for the next one. I've finally attached the end product pics and hope you guys enjoy. I can't wait to start the next grow, I plan on doing 2 more TSA's side by side in the 4x2, both solo 5gal dwc. I plan on starting them after xmas..and for my own personal gift I am almost certain I will be going with the 3x144 reflector from Top Led Grow Lights. I haven't seen anything but excellent reviews from them, and I believe the size/power will be perfect for 2 plants. Any opinions or thoughts on the lights would be welcome as always. My best advice for anyone doing DWC is as follows. Dont be a sucker and cut the hole out of your "lid" to insert a net basket. Spend the $5 and get a all in one lid/net basket that will attach to the bucket itself. The amount of stress avoided from the basket shifting or falling through will be worth it...I promise. Anyways thanks again everyone, I look forward to doing more of a "complete log/journal" with the next grow, so best of luck to everyone and happy growing.



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I'd highly recommend it as a strain to use if your worried about smell. She wasn't "strong" during the grow, but as soon as you grind or break the buds, the aroma is awesome.
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