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Transplant, FIM, or prune?


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hi, again mods and everyone else, i'm about two and a half months into my first grow(sorry i don't know actual day numbers, like i should). it got off to a real slow start and almost failed, but thanks to all of you, i solved all my problems. my babies are really healthy, 10-15 inches tall, 8th set of branches, and lots of side shoots ! ready to start flowering soon.

oh, and i still don't have a camera, hopefully you can help without pics. but here's my next problem: i've got 6 plants in a confined space, 26"x18", can adjust as tall as i need. they are so wide and bushy i will have a problem with light not getting down there.

should i :
prune the fan leaves off, to allow the light in? or FIM the tops to focus more on top? or, should i trans plant to try to spread them out more? i think i should avoid that, due to stressing but i dont know. i might have made a mistake by leaving them in shallow rectangular containers, theyr'e about 4 gallons, 3 plants each.

i also thought maybe i should just wait till they show sex, because i may be removing some.

whats the best way to go??

lovnbuds:bong: doesn't this smiley guy look like he's smokin from the wrong end of the bong?
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