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Transplant Gone Bad


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Hello everyone .. Im new to growing and new to the site.. Looking forward to a lot of helpful insight.
So heres my issue.. My plants were about a month into veg. started from small clones.. about 30+ days i noticed a lot of yellowing on the leaves.. So i thought i needed to transplant into fresh ph soil.. so yesterday i transplanted all my plants. and since yesterday they have all drooped over... and wilted.. i transplanted them into bandi triple 15. fertilizer mixed with regular soil.

I'm thinking about transplanting tomorrow into fox farm ocean forest fert. any advice would be appreciated.


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Oh my they look pissed! Make sure there is no air gap between soil and root ball when you transplant! I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the transplant doesn't look like the real problem!


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Im with ThcSnow as in the transplant itself was not the issue..... Without a doubt it did not help. You need to get some closer pictures cause in all seriousness it looks like just simple under watering. Transplants are very stressful on a plant and hopefully not to much. If I was you I would leave them for now and work on recovering before trying to transplant. Moving them into a new soil over night will not do this unless there is a larger issue. But again it looks like simple underwatering.... maybe severe underwatering.


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I'm curious how you transplanted them. Normally when i transplant i see the mass from the old dirt the plants were in still visible after a transplant. Looking at your photo I don't see it this on any of your plants. I almost wonder did you cleaned the dirt off the roots as you transplanted them in the new dirt? I feel kind of crazy asking this but only after 1 one day, that is the only thing i could see effect the plants as badly, looks to me what i see happen to the males that I kill off by cutting the stem just above the dirt. I would say these are pretty much dead now, sorry :(
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