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Transplant or not to transplant ?


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Ok I screwed up again, first grow and I just realized that 2 week old sickly Afgan Auto is now in week 5 and the best I have now.
While admiring her I realized , crap , I never transplanted her because she was so sick 2 weeks ago.
Now I have a conundrum , her roots are coming through the drainage holes .
Do I dare transplant ? Now in a flowering stage ?
My idea was get the 5 gal pot I have as a spare , fill it with Happy Frog , cut away the small pot she is in , no tipping , nothing and drop her into the new 5 gal pot whole ? Just put her on top of the new soil , fill in the sides and pray?
What is your opinion on this ?
Let her be ?
Or make the move ?
The photos show the plant clearly flowering and budding and the stupid pot size and diameter I left her in .
Thanks :peace:


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I wouldn't disturb her. Let her finish, harvest, and count it as a lesson learned. I'd also start a few more seeds. No sense in wasting time. The mistakes and recovery from these will ease your worries for the ones you start now.


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Ok buddy
I'm with you and Blew.
You have been with me almost since my very first post
I have made alot of rookie mistakes.
This being another.
I'll be thankful for what I get from her and start anew soon.
Thanks guys :peace:
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