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Transplanted Clone Cuttings: Yellowing & Brown Spots


Hey all. Transplanted 5 rooted cuttings into soil this past Thursday. So far three are showing signs of yellowing and a bit of brown spotting. Two others are a bit droopy from transplant shock. Dark purple stems on most. Mostly concerned for the three discolored ones. I'm guessing it's some kind of deficiency but can't pinpoint since soil should be good for next month of vegging. More info below. Luckily, still have three additional cuttings still rooting in my dome.

Really appreciate any advice/tips in advanced. Be well!

  • Medium: FF Ocean Forest (soaked thoroughly Wednesday evening - haven't watered since)
  • Container: 1 gal fabric pots
  • Cloning medium: Rapid Rooters (sprouted within 12 days)
  • Light: 125w LED QB (2ft from top of plants)
  • Temp: 78-80
  • Humidity: 50-60%


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Water them and let them grow roots fresh planted clones do not want dry soil.Stop worrying about over watering your plants there is to much talk about that and it is hardly ever an issue in reality mostly it is not enough water or nutrients or to many nutrients.
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