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transplanting from bigger pots


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i'm trying to transplant from a 6 inch pot into a 5 gallon pot. The plants are fairly big now about 1 foot and stalks are huge as well... I've read alot of threads about transplanting but most of them are about transplanting smaller size plant such that u can turn the entire pot over and have the stem between two fingers.

How would i go about transplanting bigger plants now???


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The same way that you do the smaller ones .


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Just fill the 5 gallon bucket up 3/4 of the way and make a well in the middle. Turn your plant upside down to get it out of it's container. Then water it well.


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If the plant is too big to turn over and pull from the pot, you can run a knife around the edges, and sqeeze the edges of container to loosen it from the bottom/sides. Brace the pot between your feet, then pull up gently....

If the plant is still stuck in the old pot, you can try to float it up out of it's old container by running a knife around the edges, and then putting it in a bucket of water. The old rootball will float up out of the pot when it can't aborb any more water..

Kinda messy, but better than a broken cola..

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