Transplants and nutes


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I know that you shouldn't fertalize a new plant for the first few weeks, but should I also lay off the nutes for a couple weeks after I transplant? I know it's best to start the seedlings in the same planter they'll flower in, but I like to start in small containers so I don't have to use as many bulbs. For the first couple of weeks I only use two 4 ft tubes and add more as the plants grow.
Well, it depends on what kind of soil you are transplanting them into. If it's Miracle Grow, Fox Farms, etc.. then the soil has enough nutes in it for at least 2 weeks, and any more will be harmful. If it's Pro-Mix, Sunshine, etc.. then it comes without any fertilizer and will need some right away.

There's soil and soil-less mixes. Most soil-less have minimal nutes and you have to add to it to make it better. My best the bag label before you purchase it. And pick up the rest of the goodies before you walk out with out them and have to come back.
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