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transporting a pipe?


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i was woundering, if you clean a glass pipe thoroughly so there is no resin in the pipe at all can it be brought on a plane with no problem?


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Stoney Mama said:
You can make a little pipe from one of those pens with the little metal ring around the center, a penny, and some tape.
Please elaborate....


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well assuming your 18.....which you have to be to post here in the first place, yes if you clean your pipe so that there is no resin/residue at all in it its legal

after all, your using it for tobbacco arnt you *wink*

BTW how in the hell is there no smily that winks, i seem to remember one....maby im just high


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i just cleaned mine completely and shoved it in my pocket, just so long as you know how to clean a pipe correctly youre fine (its not like a glass pipes going to set off a metal detector) and just chill


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I assume if you use rubbing alc you could clean it till it looks new, there would be no scent or residue so they couldn't really do anything about it, slap a sticker on there with a price so it looks legit and you should be fine.
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