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Travel concerns with edibles to Africa


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I am headed to africa from the us and am terrified of flying - does anyone have any tips on bringing some edibles into kenya - or is totally insane and stupid


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Trying to cross any international border with drugs is insane and stupid (IMO), if you are set on trying though I would look into the laws of Kenya. nothing like ending up in jail in a third wold country....or being put to death over something as simple as cannabis. Just know what you might be getting into before you decide if your gonna risk it. Sometimes the results are not worth the risks.


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The only cannabis product I would take on a plane is a brownie in my stomach! Listen to go4snypr. Always remember that outside your home country the world is a vastly different place with vastly different rules. Watch a few episodes of the TV show "Locked up abroad." They should scare you enough to not bring anything with you.


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Carrying brownies to kenya would get you arrested at jkia, drugs are illegal around here. You would probably get arrested. But if your savvy enough you could find brownies or weed in nairobi. Though brownies might vary in quality, allot people that make brownies dont know how to make canna butter so you might find seeds and kush in the brownie
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