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Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa

crystal lady

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I am a physician in the UK who is researching the potential use of marijuana for patients with Anorexia Nervosa. With the prevalence rising, and the medical community still unable to treat this disorder comprehensively, I am inquiring about any anecdotal stories that may assist in my advice to the families affected by this disease.

Thanks to any that respond.


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I knew some girls back in my teen years that struggled with eating disorders let's just say a good ol puff of jane cures eating disorders ha


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I have had anorexia for 29 years. I smoke cannabis as much as I can. It doesn't cure the eating disorder but it relieves the constant anxiety, depression and most of the nausea that accompanies anorexia. Honestly I can't eat more but I feel so much better than when I'm restricting Calories. All of the mental and physical reactions to variuous circumstances that occur when you have an eating disorder are seriously decreased. Less feeling of doom, less fear of being hospitalized and being forced to gain weight and less fear of dying :Namaste: from malnutrition (a very real fear).

Even my sister is willing to help me pay for the cannabis b/c it helps me so much that she gets relief from my problems.

The best strains for eating disorders for me are Sativas or Sativa dominant strains. The Indicas are too much of a tiring experience for people that are aleady very tired.

You are welcome to contact me if you need further information: lauren.avancena@gmail.com

Good Luck treating your eating disordered patients.
Lauren A.


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That's not even funny. People die from anorexia all the time. Think it's a joke? Then try not eating for a year and tell me more about it. How funny is it then? Yeah, people don't eat for very long periods. Yes, even years.
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