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Treatment of Post-Herpetic Pain by an Anonymous Physician

Julie Gardener

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Treatment of Post-Herpetic Pain by an Anonymous Physician​

I am a 52 y/o married male who had used recreational marijuana in his 20s. I am a physician currently out of practice as a result of multiple low back surgeries and the development of shingles with post herpetic neuralgia.

I resumed the use of marijuana while dealing with the pain of the shingles and the post operative pain. I found my need for narcotic analgesics was reduced significantly while under the influence of marijuana. I continue to use it regularly. I find taking small amounts frequently during the day eases the naturopathic pain that remains in my leg. I may take 4-5 tokes at a time, 4-5 times per day. I have not used a narcotic in over 1 year.

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