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Treatment of Post-traumatic Neuromuscular Symptoms by André

Julie Gardener

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Treatment of Post-traumatic Neuromuscular Symptoms by André​

I am a medical marijuana user. I claim that marijuana has saved my life. My positive experiences with marijuana as medicine need to be heard by others so that they may benefit from marijuana like I have.

I now work and lead a normal and productive life. I consume very little alcohol, I exercise and eat right. I do not smoke cigarettes. I am involved with my family, the community and participate in fund-raising events to benefit folks internationally.

I have a college degree and several certifications in my field. I am a white collar professional.

I am the chief technical officer for a large SF Bay Area financial corporation. I earn well into the 6 figures, pay (high) taxes quarterly and I use and grow medical marijuana for the relief of chronic neuromuscular pain and spasms. I also donate (YES FREE OF CHARGE!) a large part of my harvest to other patients who are in need.

In the eyes of the federal government I am seen as a criminal. In my eyes...I am a healer. Some folks have called me an angel. It brings tears to my eyes at times knowing I have eased someone's suffering.

This plant reduces and even stops chronic muscle spasms as a result of severe neuromuscular damage from an industrial accident I suffered 10 years ago.

In short, I nearly lost my right hand und upper arm in a terrible accident. Surgically my parts were re-attached; however my nerves are to this day temperamental and spastic. There are days my hand is locked in a fist and I am unable to release it. The pain from this literally brings me to my knees. I went through numerous surgical procedures and years of rehabilitation.

Today I still suffer chronic pain and muscle spasms. I do not have full use or sensation of my hand and arm, but I have adjusted to it and overall I have dealt with it well.

So called "legal" prescription drugs not only did not work for my condition, they made me very ill, prevented me from being able to do simple things in life like; work, drive, talk, cook, read and even wipe myself. In addition I lost a considerable amount of weight as a common side-affect. A friend suggested I try marijuana as an alternative.

I was reluctant, scared and in serious disbelief, but I tried it. I have never looked back since. I was amazed. Why would the government want to keep this illegal I asked? I was now angry that during my youth I was lied to by my own government.

I spoke to my doctor who was a former naval surgeon in the Vietnam War. I explained to him my problem and offered to him my home remedy, an amazing solution indeed and viola. I became a medical marijuana patient. I was not as easy as I have made it sound however. My doctor and I made a verbal agreement that to this day has worked.

So called "legal prescriptions" all went into the garbage where they belong. I do not care what the propaganda machine says about marijuana anymore. I used to buy into it. This drug works without all of the un-desired side effects. In fact I do not even "get high" anymore...The effects I want are to be able to use my hand and arm in a way that is as close to normal as possible. Marijuana does the trick.

In fact my case reflects that this medicine actually demonstrated positive results with the rehabilitation of the damaged neuromuscular part of my body. Imagine not being able to hold a cup of coffee before marijuana -- and after 2 hits -- no problem. I can pick the coffee cup up and down. While using the so called legal prescriptions, I slept right through coffee and still had the spasms and pain.

According to the US Supreme Court I am a criminal. I never intend to profit from this medicine, in fact it feels great to offer this as a blessing to folks in need. I feel that I am in some ways a renegade angel. I enjoy helping others who can benefit from medical marijuana. Yes I have a lot at stake. I am no longer afraid. I believe that

if some of these politicians (or their family) were to experience the medical tragedy I have, and marijuana was suggested as an alternative and they saw that it does actually work things would be different -- until then -- I will continue to use the medicine that works best for me and provide it to those who are in need.

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