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Tribute to the Legends


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On Feb. 19 , 2007 in San Diego Ca. @ the "I Pay One Center " theres gonna be a reggae concert and im going. lol Me and a couple of friends are going to go its gonna be fun .Eek A Mouse , Bunny Wailer , Junior Reid , Twinkle Brothers and more are going to be playing.The concert was formerly caled "Bob Marley Day" but renamed to "Tribute to the Legends" cant wait to go its gonna be my first concert ... im gonna try to sneak in a couple of joints in.

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HELL YEA! Dude, fly me out to Cali! I'll be the life of that party right there, boy I'll tell you wut! lol

Eek-a-moue is some rad shit, and Junior Reid, big fans of both and all reggae music.

You should check out Collie Buddz, AWESOME reggae artist, got a lil bit of a unique sound to me too.
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