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Trichome check - Sugar leaves or bud?

Iguana Man

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I've finally gotten a loupe and snipped a sugar leaf from one of the top buds of my single Bianca. I see clear, cloudy and amber trichomes. It seems there are more amber ones on the part of the leaf closest to the bud. I'd say 30-40%. Alternatively, and only a 1/3" away there are more clear and cloudy trichs.

First off, am I looking for love - err, sorry, trichs in all the right places? Yes, that was a bad joke. But seriously, should I be looking for trichs on the sugar leaves or the bud itself when determining harvest time?

I'd love to post a pic but there's no way my phone will grab one through the loupe lens.


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Strains are different, but generally the trichs on sugar leaves turn cloudy and amber before the buds, and the buds are usually the best indicator of ripeness. If your Bianca is WW dominant, the buds will be the best gauge.

Like a banana, ripeness is a personal preference, there is no right time. I like really ripe bananas and cannabis myself! I wait longer than most probably do to harvest, and then do so in stages from top to bottom.

It's all in your likes, a cool choice we have being self produced.



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Ive only been checking trics a few years and its confusing. I see clear cloudy and amber on the same bud so I came to this conculision..
If its showing any amber its very close to done. I say this because this site says to check trics when buds dry and to speed dry it to check. The ones I picked Saturday I thought maybe too soon but now the ones left look way done. Considering the window is lets say 3 weeks its hard to figure whens best. I like ripe herb and ripe bananas!!!
My spring yard crop goes along time at harvest in May. Its very done according to Trics.
Im trying to develop theory with this and perfect this step. The primary strain is Blue Dream Hybred Im growing and wonder when its window is?????? Also I harvest the top half and 3 days later the rest turns very purple and I wonder about this.
Heres an example of what was picked last Sunday.
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