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Trichome color and when to flush?


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My babies (Nirvana Aurora) are 3 weeks into flowering. Does anyone have a guideline on how fast the buds go thru the trichome cycle? Meaning... I am growing 2 ladies hydro in my closet setup, from everything I have researched and read, I will want to flush about 7 to 10 days before harvest, so when I see clear trichomes, about how long til they are cloudy, then they are 50-50, which is my goal. I want 50-50 cloudy/amber, I am unsure when to start flushing, I don't want to start too early and mess them up, but don't want to start too early.

Any help out there??!!

Thanks, Howlinmike

Fuzzy Duck

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Mmm peak THC content of plants is around 100% cloudy... THC degrades when trichomes turn to amber into others such as CBN , CBD etc

Aurora is 7 to 9 week flowering indica to get more amber tric's would suggest flowering for longer but it may well produce seed in the bud so its your call to be bluntly honest.

Other wise get a jewels scope, mini scope what ever and monitor trichome development ! How ever trichomes do ripen up during the drying curing process tho..

Ye i've grown a few Nirvana strains myself Bubblelicious, Blue Mystic, Chrystal & currently on North lights by Nirvana... normally i stick to the flowering time & flush in the last two weeks of flowering.. but that is a soil grow !

In my own experience of Nirvana seeds Blue Mystic produces amber tric's from around the 5th week of flowering & stinks to high hell when curing or even opening a a bag of it or even down wind when smoking it... Northern Lights from what i have seen recently may show purple colouring on bud in mid to late flowering.


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Thanks Fuzzy Duck

OK, thought I read you want 50-50 but I could be wrong. Could ya do me a favor and view the chart at this link...

Im on disability and have PTSD and a lot of pain from the military, so the the effect I was looking for was as described in the chart with 50-50, but, I could be wrong.

I guess when they are cloudy then I should just start my flush to be safe!!

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